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Openbox A5 Android IPTV WiFi


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Openbox A5 allows you to watch almost everything for free on the Internet.
Does this happen, everything is free? It turns out that yes!

Although it is not a satellite receiver, but some where, it is ahead of the planet of consoles. I will note that an adequate Internet is necessary to work with it properly. By adequacy, you must understand the speed of at least 6 mb / s and for HD, and then more. I note still the right prefix to call the Openbox A5 IPTV.

why? Nevertheless, the prefix is ​​paired with the Internet and works there in real time. If you, nevertheless, find the content of Ultra HD 4K, then for viewing you need a very fast Internet. Indicators pull on the optics, however, how many there is such an Internet connection. Okay, let's talk about Openbox A5

Android prefix Openbox A5 Ultra HD, has the richest equipment and complete set. The device supports Ultra HD 4K, is equipped with USB 3.0 interface, four-core processor Hisilicon.

For your information, this is also a media player supporting interactive IPTV / OTT television networks and with unique software that allows you to connect to the operator in various ways.

For example, M3U sheets, APK applications and connection to STALKER and MIDDLEWARE servers. The console has a 3D accelerator Mali-450, 8 GB flash-memory, built-in Wi-Fi.

Openbox A5 is suitable for silent installation. Includes an external IR receiver and a mount for the TV. Openbox A5 Ultra HD easily plays various video files, like AVI, MKV, Blu-Ray, including DTS-sound.

If this Android prefix is ​​present Google Market with a huge selection of applications and games. The Openbox A5 interface is optimized for remote control, although you can use a regular mouse or AirMouse controller.


• Android operating system
• Modern and powerful processor Hisilicon Hi3798MV100 (4x core)
• Unmatched image quality
• Output resolution up to 3840x2160p (4K) 30fps
• New H.265 broadcast format (HEVC)
• Built-in Wi-Fi module
• MicroSD memory card and high-speed USB 3.0 port
• Supports 3G networks (when connecting USB adapters)
• External IR receiver and mount for rear installation TV
• More than a million Google Play Market applications
• Work with Excel, Word, email, Skype and more
• Thousands of different games with support for game controllers (FlyMouse, Game P ad)
• Fast and stable operation of the Kodi Entertainment Center (XBMC)
• Unlimited number of VoD and OTT services

Contents of delivery:

• Multimedia set-top box
• Remote control
• HDMI connection cable
• AV connecting cable, mini-jack 3.5mm
• 2 AAA batteries (for remote control)
• IR receiver
• Mount to TV
• 5 Volt external power supply

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